Reserve Series

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Handcrafted Reserve Knife Series

Professional quality that integrates a planet’s worth of science and art! 

There is nothing more valuable than being able to purchase a quality product that lasts a lifetime! 

Reserve Knife Series

Extraordinary Quality

Vie Belles professional-quality knives offer a lifetime’s worth of service. Designed by master knife-makers, there are dozens of layers of steel that keep these knives balanced, sharp, and incredibly durable. 

Reserve Knife Series

Unique Looking Knives that are Worthy of Your Skills

The Vie Belles Reserve Collection knives are works of art that you can use every single day. The blades are Damascus stainless steel that’s folded 67 times. The rosewood handle is designed to stay in your hand and be easy to clean. 

Reserve Santoku Knife

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Vie Belles professional-quality knives offer a lifetime’s worth of service.

Reserve Bread Knife

Good Enough for a Samurai (Chef)

Damascus Stainless Steel Folded 67 times

Hammered Finish

Rosewood Handle

15 degree, dual-angle blades

61 to 62 Rockwell Hardness 

Reserve Nakiri Knife

A True Chef’s Knife Set

8” Chef’s Knife

5.5” Nakiri Knife

7” Santoku Knife

10” Bread Knife

5.5” Utility Knife

All the knives that a chef truly needs for every type of cooking, butchering, filleting, and much more. 

Reserve Knife Series


Canada’s rich and diverse culture is the inspiration for each of our collections. Modern design, attention to every detail will turn heads and influences and technologies from around the world make Vie Belles designs extra-ordinary.

  • Outstanding blade

    Damascus stainless steel folded 67 times. 

    Reserve Utility Knife
  • Lifetime handle

    Single piece Rosewood handles for years of wear.

    Reserve Knife Series
  • Hammered finish

    keeps food from sticking when you’re moving fast. The distinctive style sets your knives apart in the kitchen. 

    Reserve Bread Knife
  • 15 degree, dual-angle blade - With 61 to 62 Rockwell hardness

    this is among the most durable and solid knives in the world. 

    Reserve Utility Knife

Vie Belles 8" Reserve Chef's Knife

The reason the Vie Belles  8” Reserve Chef’s Knife is called a chef’s knife is because it can do just about anything in the kitchen. This do-it-all knife is the #1 blade all cooks should have, because whether you’re cutting, slicing, carving, coring, pitting, peeling, dicing, mincing, chopping, or julienning, this chef’s knife can do it all. 

Help us bring the gift of perfection to kitchens all over the world! 

Reserve Knife Series

Product Focus

Quality does not come cheap, but we have learned how to create the perfect balance in order to provide a quality item without charging a fortune for the finished product!

  • Razor Sharp

    Covered in Damascus steel, the blade’s sharp edge holds up for a very long time without getting blunt. 

  • Rose Wood Handle

    Gives a comfortable and warm feeling

  • Handcrafted

    Reserve knife is handcrafted and takes a total of 50 + hours to make.

  • Unique Design

    We believe that creativity in cooking comes from a combination of premium quality materials, artisanal craftsmanship, and aesthetic beauty. 

Blade Details

An Honest Price

We set out to create Vie Belles a Knife brand that is beautiful in design and available to everyone at a fair and honest price.

Professional Chef Reviews

"I feel confident using them. They are beautiful, razor-sharp, and premium quality... everything that I look for in a knife!" 

"Vie Belles knives are so sharp, with excellent balance and good weight. I love working with them. I fully endorse Vie Belles knives." 

"It is razor sharp, high quality, and very handy. I love it!" 

Razor Sharp

Razor Sharp
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